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Adwords – Google’s very own answer to paid ads. Where organic SEO results take 2-3 months to materialize, Adwords propels you to the top of the search results instantly. They are a potent tool in the hands of a genius digital marketer but there’s no reason why you can’t reap the same advantages too.

Its all a matter of knowing the ins and outs of Adwords account management, tools, features and the dashboard once you log on to the Google Adwords account. It’s not rocket science by any stretch, just a little bit of focus and knowing what makes Adwords tick.

How should I get started with Google Adwords?

Imagine a nightmare scenario where you craft a spanking new website and nobody ever visits. Sounds like a waste doesn’t it? Fortunately, Google Adwords was built exactly to solve this problem. All you have to do is to start an ad campaign with your website’s targeted keywords. Keywords are common words that people search for online e.g. sports apparel for, you got it, sports shirts, pants, shoes and what not.

All this requires is a minimum bid of as little as $1 a day to generate some much needed traffic for your website. The service runs by bidding on targeted keywords.

With that out of the way, lets list the tips that can help you make the most of your Adwords campaign.


1.      Its All in the Name and Labels

Your product name, information, features, super specific buzz words that people are most likely to use to find your product, they need to be included in the Adwords for maximum impact! This is Adwords 101 and as simple as it sounds, people forget this fundamental facet.

There are times when you will be encountering incredibly vague ads like Campaign #1 or Ad Group #2. Seems like someone just forgot how Adwords work.

It is helpful if you use words to describe:

  • Your Company and/or Product/Service name –

Hey look it’s the Apple Mac. See how important that is? Makes the point at first glance.


  • Deal / Offer / Promotion – Lay it down for the Masses –

Get free gift voucher worth $50. That’s how specific you ought to be in your ads. And you’ll be surprised at the number of people who reach out to you. Who doesn’t want that gift voucher now?


2.      Shoehorn your Keyword in the Ads

Try searching for something like “gold” in Google Search. Have you noticed how every result you get has Gold written in bold? Upon closer inquiry you will even notice the same thing going on the adwords!

This visual clue appears subtle but you would be wrong for thinking that its effect on people is that subdued. The human consciousness and attention is inexplicably drawn to bold words. And that is why you should be using the keywords that are relevant for your Ad in Google adwords.

Now if you combined two words as one keyword i.e. gold becomes pure gold and so on, the same bold principle applies. You should be doing this wherever it makes perfect, logical sense. Connecting a term like this conveys the right image to the visitor who views the ad. The effect is instantaneous and that is sure to boost your conversion rates.


3.      Keep your multiple Ad Groups and Campaigns splitted up

Do you know most people are content with throwing all of their keywords into one main campaign and ad group? That’s an absolute no-no and has a detrimental effect on your conversion rate. People forget that the Adwords tool by Google works in a hierarchical way. Meaning that it rewards easy and up-to-the-point key terms. This razor sharp preciseness is what you would be utilizing in your campaign rather than the 100+ keywords connected in one ad. Better to be the master of one than jack of all.

So here’s how it works optimally. Suppose you have a campaign named “BLOCKS”. Then you need to come up with specific ads for specific blocks. We can add plastic blocks, building blocks and so on. Remember, each key term corresponds to one ad. And by doing so, Google gives preference to your ad when the next time a person searches for plastic block, or building blocks for that matter.

These are tips that can open up a world of possibilities for you in Google Adwords. Use them well and see your conversions skyrocket in no time.

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