Campaign inactive? We have a solution!

If your campaign is inactive this solution is right for you! keeps up with the changes and we continue to work and improve our system to better monetize our traffic

DoAff. net programmers created a new feature that can lead to increased traffic and profit. At the moment it is very important to follow all changes and if the campaign becomes inactive, instead of just showing an informative message to the user that this campaign is not available, we now display a widget of campaign alternatives from the same country, category, and language.

The system automatically calculates profits and efficiency of individual campaigns and gives the user up to five possible campaigns to choose from, ordered by profitability for the publisher.

¬†Also, it is now possible to track, which clicks came through one of the alternative links. If the person selected a campaign from a widget, data1 for that click is set to ‘alternative’. You can check one example of automatically generated widget for the inactive campaign in photo:

We wish you the best results and we care about your profit!

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