Affiliate marketing in the gambling vertical — how it works in 2022

Excitement and the chance to quickly make easy money have always been the foundation of the entertainment industry. Which is exactly why gambling is one of the most profitable verticals in affiliate marketing.

How it works

Poker rooms, online casinos, bookmakers and other gambling resources – this niche has plenty of offers.

Here are some examples of places where you can start your gambling affiliate marketing journey — 22bet bookmaker, the Pin-up and n1casino online casinos.

When working with the online gambling vertical, you should choose a payment model based on multiple factors. For example, traffic sources, turnover size.

The CPA model issues payments for each user that performed the target action.  For example, registering or making a deposit. The exact size of the payout depends on the GEO, the volume of attracted traffic and its quality. New clients from Russia will get you around $50-70. Payments for users from TIER 1 countries are more impressive – $100-250, sometimes even reaching 600$. 

If the publisher chooses the RevShare model, they receive a fixed cut of the profit the advertiser made off the attracted plater. The main advantage of this model – payments will keep coming in for as long as the users will keep gambling. The average cut the affiliate gets is 60-80%.

Hybrid – this model is a combination of the first two. But getting the advertiser to work with you through that model, isn’t that easy. As a rule, advertisers agree to use this model as long as you consistently provide large volumes of high-quality traffic.    

The target audience

Audiences that are interested in gambling offers usually already tried some other form of online entertainment. But they’ve grown bored of online games where your only rewards are ratings or virtual valuables.  

Don’t focus too hard on young people — their lives are usually full of vivid emotions – they don’t really have a need for gambling. 

A special category of users who will be interested in such offers are (clinical) gamblers People who don’t make much money, but consistently squander 10-30% of their income in online casinos, slot machines or sports betting.

Casinos, poker rooms, slot machines and bookmakers are popular all over the world. Meaning your choice of GEOs is quite extensive. An important nuance — in some countries, gambling is illegal. Before you launch an ad campaign, you need to make sure that the activities of casinos and bookmaker offices are actually legal.

Traffic sources

Affiliate programs don’t limit their webmasters and allow them to attract traffic through various channels. Basically, only motivated traffic is banned straight away. But there are certain nuances with all the other traffic sources. 

Social media

You can’t just place direct gambling ads in social media. All “thanks” to the restrictions they have in place.  

You can always trick the system. For example, disguise your community as a sport event forecast one. Set up cloaking and drive traffic from the group to a casino or bookmaker landing page. But if the mods catch you, kiss your community goodbye.  

SEO promotion

This is the easiest way to find your target audience. But all the setting up and channel optimization will take a lot of time and effort. Alternatively, you can just display your banner on a website with a similar theme.


Contextual ads

This channel provides traffic that converts the best. And no wonder – a person who finds themselves on a landing page for a bookmaker, casino or poker room after a direct request is the most target audience you can hope to find. The problem is that such offers won’t pass moderation successfully everywhere.  


An excellent channel for promoting gambling offers – Telegram. The main thing here is to choose a channel where your target audience hangs out and display your ads there.


The main advantage of this traffic source is its simplicity. There’s no need to farm accounts, to warm them up. You can launch video-ads through an ad account, spam in comments or buy ads from bloggers.  

Google UAC

This channel is currently gaining popularity at an incredible pace. This is due to the fact that the tool is designed to work with mobile apps. It’s also actively used to work with gambling offers. The disadvantage of Google UAC is that you can’t set precise targeting settings for the campaign.

Promotion creatives

The best part about gambling is that you don’t need to bother with creatives too much when promoting such offers. Anything that attracts attention will work – bright images, pictures of money, a jackpot announcement. 

No need to mislead people and use false info to get them to check out the offer. Such conversions will simply get rejected altogether.

Gambling is definitely not the easiest niche. The competition is fierce, the moderation is strict. But all is overshadowed by the opportunity to make serious bank — this vertical has some of the largest payouts in all of affiliate marketing.

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