10 years anniversary! About our way!

Interview with our CEO Rihards Razumovskis

1-Affiliate marketing is a platform in today’s world which is generating opportunities around the globe. When and how did you decided to get into the business and established an international CPA Affiliate network called Doaff.net.

Affiliate marketing is indeed very popular and is growing rapidly fast in this internet and technology era. DoAff.net was established in 2011 and we have grown from two employees, local company to well known Affiliate marketing platform around the globe.

2-For those who are new to this term, what an affiliate network is and how the international CPA Affiliate network works.

If in basic words – Affiliate network is a platform where Affiliates meet Companies to help them sell their products or services, for which they are getting paid for every sale or lead. For example, if Company X is joining Affiliate network with their product Y, Affiliates can promote their product through Marketing channels like Social media, Organic traffic, SEO, SMS, e-mail and many more channels – when they bring in the customer and customers buys their product, Affiliate is getting a predefined commission from Affiliate network and Affiliate network is getting predefined commission from Company. Basically, Affiliate network is intermediate between Companies and Affiliates.

3- It has been 10 long years since you got into this sector. How this journey started and what ups and downs have you been through in setting this vast empire.

We started in 2011 as a Tech company with new ideas for finance loans platform and started to develop it. Then we made small Affiliate network, which focused on only on Finance vertical as loans, banking, debt redemption. The main struggle has been always to find new ways and tools to work with, where we adapted very quickly as everything, including Affiliate marketing and technologies, and needs of clients are changing. As of 2021 we decided to go into other niches as Crowdfunding, Dating, Gambling, Nutra, Applications, e-Commerce which is something new to us, but we are growing rapidly, including our Affiliate count and Campaign count as well. We are still tech company, with Affiliate Network, but I believe that this is only a start of our journey.

4- You have been appointed as CEO of DoAff.net this year, in March, what attracted you?

I have been in Affiliate business from different sides for more than 10 years, but have never run an Affiliate Network before. Additionally, as I like challenges and DoAff.net was starting other verticals apart from finance, this was the right fit for me.

5- How do you feel in DoAff.net after a half year? Is this path difficult?

New team, new challenges, not only for me, but for the whole team. New management, means new way of working and new visions of the future. For me it has been a pleasant trip, to give my knowledge, experience and energy to the team that is the best in the world! I see that we are growing rapidly and that is only a start. It is not difficult, it is a challenge from both sides, as changes are never easy, but who doesn’t change, doesn’t evolve and live.

6- What made you think and believe that affiliate marketing networks will have a bright future and it will be an excellent decision to dive into it?  

Internet and technologies are booming at the moment and will continue to do that in the future, so, it is always wise to be a part of fastest growing community world wide. Additionally, Internet marketing alone made near to 170 billion US Dollars in 2020 – Who would not to be apart of this community? 

7-Your international CPA Affiliate network focuses on Finance and Nutra verticals. What is the reason behind selecting these two streams specifically?  

Until March 2021 we were focusing on those two verticals. We are the most professional and known Affiliate network in the world when it comes to Finance segment. We have the best commissions in Europe for almost all Finance campaigns starting from fast loan, ending with Banking sector. In Nutra we entered with our own products, which we still continue to promote and own – they are best sellers in the segment, so, it is never too late to join us and start to promote them! 

As of March 2021 we are rapidly entering other verticals as Gambling, Dating, eCommerce, Mobile games and applications, and other verticals. We believe that diversity is the key in any business, including Affiliate Network.

8-The vision of Doaff.net highlights a unique tracking platform that can customize any marketing tracking mechanism. Tell us something about this unique design, its advantages, and how it works.

I have always said that bought platform or system will never fulfill all your needs, so, we have made our own system from the scratch, which is always working and always precise, including live tracking from more than 80% of our campaigns that are in our network. By having our in-house built system and platform, we can make necessary changes that benefits almost all of our client needs, no matter you are Campaign owner or an Affiliate.

9-You, are now working in 30+ countries, with 5 offices around the world. Over the years you have launched around 2,000 campaigns. How have you made this possible? What all does it takes when you expand from working domestically to operating globally.

Actually, it is 50+ countries now and we are expanding, our goal is to be the number one network in the world and we are getting there fast! Expansion is mainly because we have very strong team and leadership. We do not judge our employees, we are always standing behind our Campaigns and Affiliates – they are treated as a family.

10-To form a reliable, long-term, and healthy relationship with each of your partners, how do you approach building that association?  

We have always been known by personal touch in relationship, we know what clients want, we know what our Affiliates want and we know how to monetize Affiliate traffic the best and that benefits for both sides of our partnership.

11- What is your vision and target to become the best affiliate network in the Finance and Nutra vertical?  

We are already the best Finance Affiliate network in Europe – we treat our partners like family and we offer the best commissions on the market, in addition, we always are transparent, which no other Affiliate network offers – they may pretend, but that’s your decision to believe it or not. In Nutra, we have our own inhouse offers, at this point we have Diet Nutra, but at the anniversary we decided to get into other segment – male enhancement, which will become available in start of September, we are really excited about this part! For other verticals, we are planning to expand and our goal is to be the best Affiliate network for all the available verticals that there are, and in addition, we offer fast payouts, which, by the way, no network is offering to their Affiliates.

12- Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?

As I mentioned before, I see our network to be the #1 in the world with the best and most wide selection of offers with best commissions on the market, where still, every our partner will be treated as a family.

13- Is the 10th anniversary or the 10th anniversary year of Doaff.net coming up with something for its partners or clients? How are you going to celebrate this special day and the entire year?

Of course, we want to celebrate with our existing and new clients, stay tuned for promotional activities – we have them plenty in mind! ?

14- International CPA Affiliate networking is the need of the hour. What message you would like to convey to your partners so that they invest their trust and faith in your company without giving a second thought.  

As dramatic as it may sound – Google us!!! You will find no bad reviews about us – imagine, 10 years on the market and no bad reviews neither from Campaign owners, neither from Affiliate side!

Our team at Latvian office

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