Gambling traffic sources and target audience

Gambling is one of the view affiliate marketing niches that has existed for several years and continues to actively grow. Ask anyone — a novice webmaster will tell you that driving traffic to a casino is their ultimate dream, while a seasoned pro will smile and confirm that gambling is indeed a vertical full of prospect. And the main question that is on the minds of all media buyers is what are the best places to get traffic to securely stay in the black and not have to worry about much? In today’s article, we have prepared for you a breakdown of each traffic source, its pros and cons, and also collected a number of insights to keep in mind when working with gambling offers.

Features of the vertical. One of the main features is a payment model that you won’t find anywhere else. Yes, the vertical has payment for registrations, deposits, installs, but there’s also RevShare — a system where the affiliate receives a lifetime cut of the profits the establishment makes off the attracted player. 

And don’t forget about the target audience either. The first group is made of people who gamble up to 3 times. They usually drop a deposit, gamble a couple of times, lose it all and take their leave whilst cursing the online casino. However, after a while they come back and proceed to lose it all all over again. Rinse, lather, repeat.

The second group consists of regular players who constantly replenish their account and just at their heart’s content. There is no negative reaction from them, these people regard the casino as just a way to have fun. They usually make deposits often but for smaller amounts.

Group three — regular hard-hitting players who make big deposits in hopes of outplaying the casino. There’s not many of them – this group makes up only 5% of the total audience. 

Keep in mind that each group responds to radically different approaches — some need to be lured in by offering them a strategy to be the one-armed bandit, others – with deposit bonuses and other gifts, and the rest – with proof of the casino’s transparency and quick withdrawal of funds. 

As for the traffic sources, Facebook is the undisputed leader. Over 2.5 billion users all over the world, titanic ad capabilities and tonnes of traffic hand this network a monopoly over the market. Its main advantages are: accurate targeting for any GEO, click and lead cost optimization, the ability to launch campaigns on multiple platforms from the same ad account, extensive statistics with all the metrics you could ever dream of. But there’s plenty of cons too: accounts getting banned constantly, rigid rules and punishments for violating them, microspends and costly expendables.

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