Unique feature for great results – Smart Link


Smartlink is a great tool that makes your life as an affiliate marketer easier than ever before.

Instead of using several offer links in different campaigns, you create only one SmartLink in a few seconds and implement it in all your campaigns, sounds great right?

Usually, affiliate marketers choose SmartLink for one main reason: Effectively monetizing every segment of traffic 



What makes the SmartLink so smart?

It automatically recognizes where your traffic is coming from and shows each user the best performing offer and it automatically secures the maximum revenue for you.

The offer selection is performed by our powerful algorithm, considering the vertical (finance or nutra), the country, operator, operating system and device type of the users seeing your campaign.


As you can see, the SmartLink is really a ‘smart’ option that’s gonna make you get all the results you have ever dreamed about!

Why you need to start to use a smart link?

  • It’s a unique solution that automatically redirects the visitor to the highest paying campaign in the selected category, automatically redirect segments of traffic to the most profitable Landing Page + Offer combos
  • It’s a self-adjusting algorithm, that analyzes what campaign is most profitable for your specific webpage
  • Easy to use:  select country, category and then insert a link into your webpage
  • SmartLink will start splitting traffic between the best campaigns to test out customer scenarios. Once enough data is gathered, it will continue working adjusted by conversion rates from your specific page.
  • The best part is that you don’t really need to know how it does its analysis. You know it’s constantly learning and getting smarter over time as it gets more data
  • This is the power of the network effect. It’s learning from thousands of other affiliates also sending traffic
  • It kills the non-converting offers and keeps the best ones in the rotation
  • If you do it right, it can be a consistent revenue stream for you

Where you can find a SmartLink option?

To start using a Smart Link you need to login to your Dashboard and you can find SmartLink under section “Tools”


Good luck with promotion! 🙂



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