Email and Affiliate Marketing Trends in 2019

Affiliate marketing is a constantly evolving industry that requires a good knowledge of the market trends characterizing it, which is why we’ve compiled this list of 2019 trends for you.



In particular, email has been recognized as the most profitable way to market products which have a niche appeal. Let’s see how the two things combine in today’s world.

3 New Affiliate Marketing Trends

As we said, affiliate marketing is evolving at a rapid rate, and according to HostGator, some of the most interesting trends to watch out for are related to keyword-rich reviews, voice search, and email.

The last one, in particular, is said to be gradually growing over the years, with a lot of potential towards retargeting specific audiences. Also, email has its own trends on top of affiliate marketing itself. Here are the main ones:


  1. Marketers are switching from media-rich newsletters to simpler designs which speak to the user directly, making it easier to find an immediate point of contact with them.


  1. Storytelling strategies have been growing to show people that businesses can change lives, allowing for a stronger relationship with subscribers.


  1. Data protection concerns and predictive analytics have risen in popularity due to collective worldwide knowledge of how data is treated and AI’s growth.



As you can see, the market seems to be moving towards a slimmer, more refined content strategy to build trust among consumers and to change the way the public thinks about a company.
What These Trends Mean for Top Affiliate Programs
Email affiliate marketing trends are certainly difficult to pinpoint, but top affiliate programs are already starting to gear up for eventual changes.

We have been working hard to reflect these changes in affiliate marketing and we want to make the best of them. The trends above mentioned will create a strong link between those who sell and those who buy, so they are crucial in a market that constantly pushes out more innovations.

Being able to retain subscribers and convince them that buying is the right thing to do isn’t easy though, and it requires thoughtful planning. Think about how you browse the internet for example; if you look for a review, you’re much more likely to buy a specific product than if you were looking for a comparison. The top affiliate programs know this, and they take full advantage of it.

As we said, voice search is on the rise thanks to all major tech companies’ efforts in AI/NLP, and keywords are now more relevant than ever. This means that top affiliate programs are already working with the tools they are given from tech giants and earn even more money.

This is where DoAffiliate comes into play.

Futureproofing Affiliate Marketing with a Low CPA
While most top affiliate programs will retain quite a lot of income from your acquisitions, DoAffiliate is here to help you futureproof your business.

We offer some of the lowest CPA (Cost per Acquisition) rates on the market and we do that by picking our audiences in very specific ways. Thanks to our system, you will be able to retain as much income as possible to grow your business while also investing in these new trends.

More than 15% of the digital media industry’s revenue is now made through affiliate marketing, and the numbers are growing at a rapid rate. This means that you should invest in what makes the most sense because there is already high competition.

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