Now advertising products is easier than ever!

We have some amazing news!
Our development team created a huge update for all our publishers. Now you don’t even need your own website to advertise products, we created easy to use tool, which will generate a website with all the campaigns you choose. There are plenty of customization options to make everything even more accessible. It will take just few minutes of your time and no need to have any web development knowledge. We want to support you as much as possible, that’s why we are planning to add even more templates in the future but as for right now, this tool already prioritize campaigns based on the performance and will always put the most effective campaigns on top. Another good thing is that in case where some campaigns stop or pause for some time, this tool will remove it from the list and put it back as soon as it is ready again. Same goes for any changes regarding the campaign, all of that will be updated automatically and you don’t need to worry about any changes. You can even choose to use domains we offer or set up widget on your own domain! Each of our free domains are specially created for specific market based on the country you choose, just decide what language you want your website to be, check campaign criteria from the list, add colors and you are set!  So, how does it work?



First of all, we made two options for you. Option number one is called “Widget lending” and it will let you choose one of our domains or you can always use your own domain. This option will generate a website with the campaigns you choose so the only thing that is required from you is to choose what colors the website will have and the amount of campaigns based on your criteria (e.g. first loan is free or the amount of money website is lending etc.). While choosing these things, you will be able to see a preview on the bottom of the page, so changing things around and experimenting won’t be an issue.

After you are done with the campaign list and colors, there is going to be an option to copy a link, which is a link to you website with all the right tracking codes already set up. Only thing that is left is to advertise this brand new website you have and get some traffic!

The website itself will look like this, keep in mind that number of campaigns, colors and even campaign type will depend on your choice, so be sure to choose it carefully but if something goes wrong, you can always change things later.


Option number two is called “Widget Script” and it will generate a script for you to put in your own website if you prefer this route. There are still going to be things for you to customize like colors and campaign amount as well as some more in depth fields and after you are done with it, there will be a script for you to copy.


How do I set up the script? 

You have few options there but lets start with the easiest – Google Tag Manager.

Login to your Google Tag Manager account and navigate to the container with your domain.

1. Click on the red “New Tag” button.


2. Name the tag “DoAffiliate”.
3. Under “Tag Configuration” choose custom HTML.
4. Paste the JavaScript into the area provided.
5. Under “Triggering” choose “All Pages”. Click save.
6. In the upper right-hand corner, click “Publish” and continue to publish all changes.

That’s it! Now you have script attached to your website and all tracking codes are already there, so no need to worry.

If you have a WordPress website here is another way to do it:

Choose, where you want a script to appear.

  • Scripts in header (load inside head tag)
  • Scripts in footer (load before closing body tag)

Use the location that match better your needs.

  • Go to Settings > Header and Footer Scripts.

Don’t forget that our publisher support team will always be happy to help you in case there are any questions. This is something new and we will be very thankful for any advice you can give us, so lets make affiliate marketing better together! Make sure to check our other posts as well where you can learn more about advertising, Google Adwords, SEO and much more. We want you to do, what you do the best – advertise. We will take care of everything else to make it easier for you!

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