How to get into TikTok recommendations

How to get into TikTok recommendations

TikTok is such a unique platform that absolutely anyone can become famous and make a fortune as long as they get to the top. Today we’re here to talk about what kind of videos become trending and how to create content the algorithm will notice and organically boost, thereby increasing your income.

An exact formula for getting into the recommended section is nothing but fiction, unfortunately. However, there still are three main points: proper profile design; only high-quality content and constantly posting new videos. The most popular clips are the result of careful preparation, not improvisation. Think the plot through, rehearse, set up the background and props.

Follow trends. This is what the popularity of most videos is based on. If a video with a particular idea behind it has already become popular, you can use it. The main thing is to avoid blatant plagiarism, but to steal like an artist :). Remember that people love creativity – so give them exactly that. Here are some additional tips to help you be sure your videos make it into the Recommended and get lots of traffic that you can additionally monetize:

1. Occasionally make a video without an ending. This is when the video is filmed in several parts, and at the end you write “to be continued.” Everyone gets curious to find out how it ends. There’s also a type of video that clearly involves a finale at the end, but nothing happens and the clip just cuts to black. This isn’t the most honest way to get into the recommended + users may react negatively, but hey – it works! All’s fair in love and video promotion.

2. Use hashtags and popular music. To find the appropriate ones, enter any hashtag related to the video’s topic and see how many of the results you already use and how many views each one gets. The same way you do it on Instagram.

Use our tips, be creative and get to the top — good luck everyone and may your content hit it off!

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