Vietnam in detail.

Hello Guys!

Let’s talk about Vietnam? And why we advise you to advertise offers there 🙂

Let’s start with the numbers and characteristics of the country.

Over the past 10 years, the population has increased by 10 million 400 thousand people. Can you imagine?

Vietnam now ranks 15th in the world and 3rd in Southeast Asia (after Indonesia and the Philippines) in terms of population, and this is a big hit for you, dear webmasters!

The share of men in the country is 49.8% and women – 50.2%.

As elsewhere, women are naturally more inclined to shop online.

Now let’s go deeper into the Internet .. How many Internet users are there?

Of the 97 million people in Vietnam, 68 million have access to the Internet, which is about 70% of the population!

Active social media users: 55 million

For you, a list of TOP-popular social networks which we advise you to pay attention in promoting.

  • Facebook (54.33%)
  • YouTube (30.04%)
  • Twitter (6.03%)
  • Pinterest (5.27%)
  • Instagram (1.27%)
  • Tumblr (0.86%)

    What’s important for Vietnamese people in online shopping?

  • find great deals and promotions.
  • buy goods that are not offline

They tend to trust information and reviews on the Internet: proof is important to them. If they are not there, then the Vietnamese look at the brand, especially those who belong to the wealthy class of buyers (such 18%).
Let’s see in percentage what the Vietnamese pay attention to before buying:

  • reviews – 9.9%
  • brand – 9.8%
  • recommendations of friends and relatives – 11.5%
  • only advertisements – 0.2%
  • site quality – 8.2%
  • availability of online reviews or video about the product – 8%
  • information about the product in social networks – 8.3%.

If you are in doubt because of the language, then we hasten to please you! Although Viet is their official language, English is increasingly used as a second language!

So, looking at all this information what is above, we advise you to start earning money there!

Now about – what we offer you!

If we are talking about online shopping, then it would probably be right to offer our niche of Nutra( Health and Beauty)  and not finance!

At the end of August, we launched 9 offers, most of which are aimed at improving health. You can get acquainted with them here.  Also, a few details on the offers, almost all Vietnam offers have a short hold. As with all other nutra offers, you can receive payments EVERY 24 HOURS! For special rates feel free to contact our manager – Vadim.

Have a profitable week!

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