Our meetup in Kiev. How it all went


This month we hosted our own meet-up.


Publishers from Russia and CIS countries fled to a cozy little cafe in the center of beautiful Kiev, Ukraine for a day of interesting talks.




It was a great opportunity for our long-time partners and those who are considering joining to meet their personal managers, talk to several board members, ask questions, get opinions, become familiar with the flow of things, and network for hours.


The main speaker of the event was Yegor Shvayuk

[email protected]


Yegor is a leading marketer of Dinero.ua and the owner of the Credit-online website – a web portal that helps its customers get a loan online quickly and without any additional hesitation.

His presentation on the the future of Ukrainian microfinance market in affiliate marketing touched upon some known, but important insights:

  1. Why It’s those who think outside the box, that earn the most.
  2. How to assemble a customer base to work with through SMS, email, and push-notification on a daily basis
  3. How to increase EPC using Google AdWords & yandex.direct
  4. Various channels and methods and how to make what did not work for others work for you


Such events are particularly good for the new partners of the company as it is the perfect chance to talk to the higher management, who in our case was DoAffiliate’s financial director Jurijs, and meet those, who have been working with the company for some time and are willing to share their experience.

As for the company, meetups are full of people driven by a passion to spend their free time networking and learning, and there is no more personal (or affordable) way to talk to great potential partners than to have a 1-1 no-pressure conversation with them on their free time.


Is it a great way to make a first impression? Yes

Is it essential for the best partner-company communication? Absolutely!

Will we be hosting another meetup? Definitely!


Therefore, if you didn’t get a chance to attend the one in Kiev, don’t fret, there are more of those planned in the future.


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