Conquering Moscow



MAC Affiliate Conference is one of the biggest if not the biggest affiliate marketing conferences in Russia, CIS countries and Asia.



It happens 3 times a year in different countries – Ukraine (Kiev), Russia (Moscow) and India (Gurgaon).




According to the official website of the event: it was created to gather TOP affiliates and leading international affiliate networks from all over the world.

At the beginning of April, we visited the Moscow edition of the event as Gold Sponsors.

What can we say, they weren’t lying!

In reality, it is just as they promised – an enormous 2-day gathering that unites more than 400 companies and 3000 attendees from 31 countries under one roof of the Main Stage, Moscow.




It was an interesting and incredibly fulfilling experience for us as a company not only because of the scale and diversity of the event but also because this year we went through a rebranding and grew a whole another vertical – health and beauty.



As you see, we came to conquer, and it honestly feels like we did. Trying to sum up our Moscow MAC experience as I look at the pile of business cards and a full excel spreadsheet of emails and phone numbers, it feels powerful!

And now, if you excuse us, we need to start getting ready for the next trip coming up in a couple of months! 😉 See you somewhere warm and beautiful. Stay tuned for the updates


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