Top 3 GEOs for gambling offers

Gambling is a vertical that’s showing stable figures and even higher prospects. Its long-term increase in profits is a major incentive drawing more and more webmasters to it. To drive traffic to this vertical, you need to identify the best GEOs.

3rd place – Canada.

Almost every second Canadian loves betting or casinos. And the sector is as legal as it can get, with the government supporting it. 

Here’s why you should take a closer look at this GEO:

  • Totally legal. Casinos here operate within the law, which is why gambling isn’t looked down on.
  • Gambling is one of the nation’s favorite pastimes, regardless of age group. In Canada, even the elderly chill in casinos hoping to hit the jackpot.
  • The audience is flush with cash. Canadians make good money along with all other Northern countries.

2nd place – Germany.

Europe has always shown good indicators when it comes to gambling offers, with Germany showing the biggest interest in the niche.

Here’s why Germany deserves your attention:

  • The country is rich. The average salary is 3,500 euros. Germans spend about $700-800 on gambling yearly.
  • It’s showing decent results in the long run. Germans were spending a lot of money on casinos as far back as ten and fifteen years ago.
  • Focus of interest in online casinos. German casinos are prohibited, but citizens are not barred from gambling in foreign ones.

1st place – Australia.

Only one in five people here doesn’t gamble. This part of the national culture has become so prevalent that the government is (unsuccessfully) trying to put a stop to gambling.

Here’s why you should work with Australia

  • Total obsession. Australia is home to hordes of gamblers, this helps present the sector in a positive light. 
  • A growing market. Despite attempts by the state to suppress the activities of casinos, in just two years the market has grown by almost two billion dollars.
  • All age groups gamble.
  • Thanks to their high income and overwhelming love for gambling, a single player spends over $1,000 per year. 

Each of these GEOs is an excellent choice for gambling offers not just because the audience is solvent, but also thanks to people there seeing gambling in a positive light.  Work in these areas, and your chances of turning a profit will be higher.

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