ASO – mobile app optimisation: how to get free installations and earn money quickly?

The mobile app market currently offers big opportunities to make money and with each year they only get bigger. And since traffic is at the head of everything, today we will tell you how you can get cheap or even free traffic. Best you sit down and read carefully – the volume of useful info here is off the charts.

Free and cheap mobile app traffic can be obtained via ASO: it’s just SEO for apps. One of the crucial factors apps are ranked by stores – the number of target installations by keyword query in a specific country. Naturally, a quick way to promote an app is to competently purchase or customize the settings for the keyword you need.

If you want to promote your app, start with studying the country, evaluate the size of the market and niche and compile a general number of keyword requests. Provided that the app isn’t brand new and has already been indexed, you can make 10-15 installs for 3-5 days and then increase that number daily by 20-30%. If the app IS new, then you first need to get it indexed — to do this, buy installations and wait for keywords to appear. It’s important you understand that if after reaching the top positions you turn off your campaigns and stop motivated installs, your ranking is likely to start going down.

Text optimisation is also vital — the headline, the subtitle, the detailed description with keywords. Then you need to work on the visual end — a nice-to-look-at icon, quality screenshots, promo banners that will attract users. It’s also important to keep an eye on the reviews – try to avoid negative ones, because they hurt your rating.

Taken together, all these things will get you to the top of the search results and you will start getting organic traffic. Remember: mobile apps are the future and now is the perfect time to enter the market!

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