How important is Content and its Relevance to SEO

How many times we’ve heard the same old mantra that ‘Content is King?’ Way too much it seems. For a very famous quote, most people in the SEO and Content Development fields have but a tiny understanding of it.

Sure content is king. But it can be the king if it plays nice with search engine optimization.

Folks, the content that we write for web is for a human audience. But to ensure that the content reaches the correct audience and demographic, we’ve got to tailor it for SEO.

85% of the internet populace doesn’t bother to turn to page 2 of Yahoo/Bing/Google search results page. That’s why SEO is crucial folks.

With that in mind, we will be looking at factors that make your content gain top SERP (search engine place placement). Writers that are letting out a collective groan, should read on. SEO doesn’t mean that your content is deprived of its creative juice.

Read on to find out how content works hand in hand with SEO.

Quality Content

Writers of the world, rejoice! According to Google, spammy keywords-laden content is more likely to be penalized and downgraded than one that is dripping with quality information.

After all, you want people to spend way more time consuming the content on the website than making them squirm with robotic & soulless-looking pages.

So the content you write has to offer something tangible for the viewers, something valuable. Something that is uniquely yours and can’t be found elsewhere on the giant information hub that is the internet.

Research is Necessary for Keywords and Content

Created that hard-hitting, life-changing, humorously-good piece of content? Good. You’ve got the content research almost down.

It is now time to hit the internet and conduct good keyword research. And here’s why this is important. You may want to think like your audience for a second, thinking of all the ways they will be seeking your content out on the search bar.

To put it simply, if you’ve seen the latest Captain America flick and wrote an awesome post about its plot, then you should be incorporating words like ‘captain America plot, captain America review’ as your keywords. These are words that every Tom. Dick or Harry will be using to land on your post.

Most SEO gurus will tell you that there’s something called ‘keyword density’ that you need to adhere to. Like a certain key term will have to be used x amount of times on your post.

These guys are right. And wrong. There’s nothing precise about content. You should be using the keywords naturally where they fit and not because you need to shoehorn ‘big baby’ into your post 4 times. It can quickly border on the ridiculous.

So to recap, think of keywords as the question and your content as the answer to that question.

Keep the Audience Engaged

Content Engagement. It’s all about keeping those meaningful interactions with your audience rolling in. The more ways your users share, tweet, reblog or comment on that blog post you did about the laughing orangutan, the more high the probability that Google keeps your content on the high and high.

Google and other search engines also track user engagement metrics like how long they have stayed on your page. A deep engrossing read has more priority than a two line comment (unless it happens to be a popular tweet).

Minty Fresh Content

No this is not a colgate tagline but a very relevant SEO rule about content. Writers should be producing new content regularly because search engines tend to be pretty hungry about them.

The more current and trendy your content it, the higher the probability of it been placed at the top of search results.

But hey writers, doesn’t that sound like Google wants you to be a robotic content development engine.

The answer is both yes and no. Because Google has something called ‘Query Deserved Freshness’ that does wonders for your old content. Suppose you wrote a post about Tsunamis and posted it a while back. Every time a tsunami strikes the news, your content suddenly becomes very relevant again for people hunting about the aforementioned topic. That way the adage ‘old is gold’ applies to content and SEO.


These are just the tip of the iceberg when we talk about content and its link to SEO. But one thing is for sure. One can’t thrive without the other.

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