Features of working with the Polish GEO for financial offers

Financial offers aren’t really influenced much by what time of year it is. But there’s a number of features of the Polish GEO you need to keep in mind if you want to stay in the black.

The target audience

In Poland, more than 30 million people actively use the Internet. About 18 million Poles access the web from their mobile devices.

However, Poles prefer not to talk about purchasing promoted services during the day and usually ask to call them back in the evening.

Therefore, it’s best to schedule the peaks of your ad campaigns for the mornings or evenings.

The creatives

Poles are very patriotic – they are proud of their country, respect their language, traditions and culture. Although young people speak English well, Polish is spoken by about 95% of the populace.

The conclusion is simple – if you want your creatives to hook your audience, design them in Polish.

The traffic sources

Different traffic sources are suitable for working with financial offers for the Polish GEO. But some of them perform better than others:

Search engine traffic

The highest quality traffic comes from SEO promotion and contextual ads. And since your audience is consciously looking for your product, it’s already plenty warmed up.

Local webmasters cannot launch ads without being registered as a legal entity. Meaning the competition here won’t be as stiff.

Social media

In Poland, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are especially popular. This channel is great for promoting financial offers. But only provided that you correctly identify your target audience.

When designing creatives for Facebook, avoid words like “loan” or “money until payday”.

Push notifications

One of the most popular tools when working with financial offers. Use straightforward ads that will help filter out non-targeted users to achieve the highest profit.

Promoting financial affiliate marketing offers is an excellent opportunity to make money. And the Polish GEO is no exception. Use these tips, set up your campaigns wisely and be sure to always test your bundles.

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