5 young social networks you can get traffic from

Startups that attract millions of users spring up here and there all over the world, but most of them don’t last very long. That’s why in today’s article we’ve compiled a list of 5 young social networks you can get traffic from.
#1: Dispo — a complete analogue of Instagram with a total audience of over three million. The key feature is sincerity and authenticity: to publish a photo, you need to use the app’s camera and the post appears only 24 hours later. Naturally, lots of  unflattering angles and not a single filter — completely glosiness-free! You can leave links in your profile, which allows you to farm traffic for any vertical.

#2: LITT — a local Australian social network. Since Facebook banned posting news on the continent, it’s residents were quickly forced to create a substitute. In it, you can launch ad campaigns and promote your business. Active links can be used in DMs, in the profile description or in the comments. 

#3: Caffeine — a Twitch analogue, where you can launch streams, tune in to watch them and comment on other people’s videos. An active link to get free traffic can be placed in the video description or in the profile. There are more than one million active users.

#4: Wanty — a Twitter-like social network from Russia. The concept is simple — you talk about your desires and find people who share them. Can serve as a decent source of traffic for financial or investment offers. Since the network has a messenger, you can embed a link there, as well as in the comments and description. 

#5: DrugVokrug — a Russian dating social network. As you’ve probably already guessed, in addition to being a platform to spam affiliate links in the profile bio and chats on, you can implement a number of different bundles here, with broadcasts being especially promising. Then again, profiles of pretty girls with no unnecessary extra steps should also work just fine.  

That’s all for our little list. We hope you’ll find the right approach to each of the entries to get loads of free traffic!

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